VIDEO: Mae Sai, Thailand’s Border Town

Welcome into the northern town in Thailand, Mae Sai.

VIDEO: Mae Sai, Thailand

It’s a boundary market town where you will observe hundreds of sellers and people crossing over the border to Myanmar by foot, car or bus. It cost 500 Baht or 10 USD per individual, if you want to do it bring your passport. The Thai officials will hold your passport till you return to Thailand.

Here you can find everything from vegetables, fruits, clothing, antiques, toys and even wine. I decided to try some and they were delicious! If you’re hungry you all can locate some street food all.

You can take an image in the sign marking the northern most point in Thailand, In case you opt not to cross into Myanmar. It’s a one hour drive north west and makes for an easy day trip, if you’re in Chiang Rai. I would suggest seeing both Mae Sai and the Golden Triangle to exactly the same day.

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