5 Things You Have to Do in Miami

When most men and women think of these things you must do at Miami, really specific images and sounds often come to head: beautiful, tropical shores; toned, sun-kissed bodies; alluring Latin rhythms; along with lively, upscale parties that draw the likes of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. It is no wonder Miami is often referred to.

Joe’s Stone Crab

However, Miami is a great deal more than a party city that is tropical. A number of the greatest things are you leasing a vehicle, eschewing the glitz and glamour, and finding the real heart and soul of the multi-faceted metropolis. All these are the 5 things you must do at Miami.

Jungle Island

The city of Miami is as such, has access to a number of the seafood in the nation and the paradise. One of the best areas in the city is Joe’s Stone Crab. This popular eatery, that dates back to 1913, has developed to a spot on South Beach.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Joe’s Stone Crab’s popularity stems from its magnificent menu, which includes items like grouper, conch fritters, king crab legs, ginger salmon, and stone crab claws, and oysters. There. Just bring your desire and you’re all set!

Little Havana

You will locate Jungle Island if you push your vehicle rental in Miami over to Watson Island between South Beach and downtown Miami. Jungle Island is an park that’s the best spot for a family outing. The park benefit from Miami’s tropical climate and consists of a jungle that is home to hundreds of creatures that are unique from throughout the world.

Zoo Miami

Kids and adults alike will delight in seeing the dual orangutans, lemurs, sloths, along with above 300 birds of the park. Jungle Island also offers tours and enjoyable activities including rock climbing, zip lining, along with a SuperFlight trip experience. Coming to Jungle Island is!

5 Things You Have to Do in Miami


As you’re riding around in your rental car in Miami and investigating the most exciting miracles of the city, you’d be amazed if you did not stop by the gorgeous Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This villa is located on Biscayne Bay in the Coconut Grove neighborhood. The property is well known for its Mediterranean Revival structure with elements.

Be sure to have a look at the native woodland landscape as well as their magnificent Renaissance gardens of the estate. Don’t neglect to learn more about the complex’s background in its museum. The museum boasts more than rooms that have European decorative furnishings and art in the 15th to 19th centuries. The estate is also a fixture in popular culture and has been featured in movies such as Ace Ventura, Bad Boys II, along with Iron Man 3: Pet Detective.

Miami boasts an electric and cosmopolitan culture, and the core of its Cuban community would be the Little Havana neighborhood. Located west of downtown, the area is known that blare African American rhythms and beats.

Take a Stroll through Miami Heritage on Small Havana Calle Ocho.

While you’re there, then immerse yourself in the culture of those Cuban immigrants who settled the road decades. Grab some croquetas and ropa vieja in Versailles Restaurant and grab a film in the Tower Theater. You will leave knowing visiting Little Havana is one of the things you must do at Miami.

Animal fans who visit south Florida should carve out some time to see Zoo Miami. It’s the only sub-tropical zoo in the continental U.S. and will also be the oldest and largest in Florida. The climate in south Florida permits the zoo to house creatures.

5 Things You Have to Do in Miami

The zoo prides itself on grouping their animals they live harmoniously with. Three million animals from 500 different species can be found here, such as 40 species. They comprise types of tropical fish, tigers, flamingoes, eagles, African and Asian elephants lions, various primates, rhinos, crocodiles, snakes, and tortoises. Going to with the zoo is an adventure for the entire family and among the best things.

5 Things You Have to Do in Miami

The time spent in Miami is. Sunbathe on celebration and the shores at some fashionable nightclubs. Also be certain lease a vehicle in Miami you bring a few days, and experience the Magic City for yourself. You will be so glad you did.