Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings

During this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A using Sofie Couwenbergh of Wanderings we learn while managing to help us all experience her home country how this blogging Belgian started a life of traveling. Sofie’s extensive insider guides to unique destinations across Belgium are a wonderful resource for anyone planning to travel there, or for those just curious to understand what there’s to see and do (and eat). Here is at which we can expect to find her next, and a bit about Sofie, her philosophy that is #Anydaysgood!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings


How did your passion for traveling get started?

My parents have always taken me and my small brother traveling, but I believe I got bitten by the insect once I was cold and my father took me to a trip. This was my first city trip for a teenager and I’ve been visiting the city.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings

Just how are you travel in any given year? Which are the sorts of places do you want to visit?

That’s something people ask me and I literally have no idea. There are months once I travel to three unique nations and months at which I don’t leave Belgium. It highly depends on the task I get, chances to visit with friends and seminar I want to attend.

What is it that you want audiences to get / learn in your work?

I’m a town gal. I enjoy just getting in the vibe and wandering through towns. Trying out local food hotspots, checking out the design… I prefer those things to visiting museums, for instance.

Name your top 3 destinations you have traveled?

That said it’s not that I don’t like being outside. I enjoy learning about culture in the countryside but I’m just not the kind of person that will go hiking for days in an end merely to go hiking.

Give us your’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations, like a list of sorts

I’m someone with a rather practical mindset and so I wish to provide my audience what I’m looking for if I plan a trip: information on what to do, which things are really well worth making a detour for, and in which to grab a coffee and just how to make the most of your time somewhere.

How many nations have you seen up to now?

I really don’t want my viewers to follow me because they are interested in me, I’d like them to follow me because they understand WonderfulWanderings.com is where they can find info about their next destination… or inspiration to get exactly what that destination should be.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings

Your top three favorite cuisines?

Los Angeles, London and Canada (I’ve been to the Quebec Area and to Edmonton, I’ve loved both trips).

Favorite restaurant on the planet?

There’s so much more to see and do in the county if you mention Los Angeles Though most folks think of Hollywood. I strongly suggest seeing with The Getty Center. While I mentioned previously that I’m not big on museums, I loved that one because the ranges are just so varied and its location on top of a hill offers amazing views of the town.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings

Your favorite traveling film?

You can also obtain amazing views. I’ve read that plenty of actors go there to walk their dogs or work out, but I’m afraid I haven’t seen — or comprehended — anyone once I was there.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings

Favourite airport?

For shopping, I liked Santa Monica.

It’s the massive retail shops across 3rd Street Promenade but it is also possible to discover some trendy boutiques, when you go into a streets.

City using the most friendly people?

The Farmers Market near The Grove in West Hollywood is an enjoyable spot to grab a bite, particularly when there’s a band playing, and even if you’re a dance lover like me you want to head to either Millennium, Debbie Reynolds or Movement Lifestyle for a number of the very greatest hip hop classes in the nation.

Your favorite travel companion?

I really don’t keep count, so give me a moment while I test my scratch map. *Goes to take a peek. * 20. I really don’t care because I often revisit the exact nations. Dwelling in Europe’s middle makes it easy to produce trips to neighboring countries. I’ve been to the Netherlands countless of times and Germany , by way of instance, and there’s still so much I haven’t seen there.

Very best way you kill time when traveling?

That’s tough! I’d say Mexican, Greek and Bulgarian (except for all of the organs).

What is the most exotic place you have been taken by your career?

DOP in Porto! Best meal I’ve ever had.

Your piece of traveling tips for someone who is going to set out on a life of traveling?

I don’t really have one. I haven’t even seen or see Eat, Pray, Love????

What are 4 things you might never travel without?

Hm, Schiphol due to those plugs everywhere or Brussels because it’s nice and small????

What is your dream destination?

Edmonton, Canada.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings

We see you were in Stockholm. What is your suggestion for someone traveling to the funds that is past?

My boyfriend or my friend Amanda from MarocMama.com

Your favorite traveling quotation?

Reading an ebook on my Kindle.

Where to next?

Sri Lanka, though the trip itself was exotic as it was a bit over-organized.

Do it your own way. You could be sad moving around all of the time, although It’s true, you might be nomadic. And you are able to join traveling with a home base, but you’ll need to discover a means.

Throughout the last couple of years it’s become evident that there are a slew of people living”a life of traveling” and that they’re all doing this in your own personal way. Try things and I’d suggest to go outside. Discover what works for you personally and don’t feel bad if it’s not the exact identical thing as what is working for one of those folks you place as an instance, if you have someone like that.

My smartphone, my passport, my charge card and paper cells.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings

Without being so practical: lip balm (I’m addicted), tea (you can’t ever be sure that there’s some in the hotel!) , meals (you don’t want me to acquire hangry) and paper cells (I’ve got allergies).

I really also do have a dream thing I want to do and that’s visiting whales in the wild, although I really don’t have a dream destination. I believe if I could see do that tomorrow, I’d die. You get the point, although I had rather not, obviously.

I’m actually on a mission this year to reach 30 of my traveling dreams while I’m 30 (not before!) My readers inspire to proceed after their travel dreams too. The job’s called #Anydaysgood and I’ve already checked some items!

Do not exchange money. You are able to pay with credit or debit card. I withdrew a bunch of Crones to not use them whatsoever and was not too certain about that.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To maintain your Babance you must keep moving.” Out of Albert Einstein. It is in my list of 365 traveling quotes to get a year filled with traveling motivation????

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Sofie Couwenbergh of Beautiful Wanderings

Earlier this meeting will get printed, however that’s. I will also be traveling to Austria (all over the place), Stockholm (again) and also the French Provence in June.

Sofie is a Belgium-based fulltime traveling blogger and copywriter. On her website WonderfulWanderings.com she focuses on cultural, culinary and town traveling. She doesn’t operate without tea and is addicted to Facebook, however, you might join with her on Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.