Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

To some, Charlotte, North Carolina may not look like an obvious addition to a record of must-see areas in the USA. Given only a passing glimpse, this Southern city, nestled at the very low hills of the Piedmont plateau, looks mid-sized city using a charm charm, like any other quaint. But its surface belies the bustling metropolis that Charlotte has been in recent years. The Queen City is a must visit Within this 25 things you will find out!

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

What to See and Do

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Camp North End

Where to Eat and Drink

Levine Museum of the New South

Between 2004 and 2014, Charlotte was the fastest growing city in the U.S., exploding in people and turning into a metropolis that is the proud home of dozens of fascinating sites, tasty cuisine, and exciting attractions that have made Charlotte one of the United States’ hidden gems and a vacation destination worthy of even the most seasoned travelers. Here are the areas that I highly recommend you visit during your time at Charlotte, North Carolina’s Queen City.  

Breweries and Wineries

U.S. National Whitewater Center

Charlotte, North Carolina is a city with a rich and one of a kind history that could be spotted and researched at virtually every turn, and a hub for adventurous and fun activities for visitors of all ages and experience levels. Below are a few of the attractions that I highly recommend you check out when you visit the Queen City.

Charlotte Rail Path

Camp North End is a 76-acre historical industrial site that used to create Army missiles and Model Ts and is home to Charlotte’s largest assemblage of historic buildings, but is currently called a hub for innovation and creativity at Charlotte. 

NASCAR Hall of Fame


A Few of the Prominent landmarks at Camp North End Contain the Entire Water tower, The Mount, the Ford Factory, and the boileryard, which hosts Friday Nights from the Boileryard in Addition to Morning Markets at the Boileryard on the first Saturdays of Each month between March and October.


Smelly Cat Coffee

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

A trip to Charlotte Isn’t complete without a deep Dip into the Wealthy and Frequently troubled history of the American South between the end of the Civil War to the present day at the Levine Museum of the New South. 

The museum’s award-winning permanent exhibit the”Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers” chronicles the area’s progress during the last 150 years.


Coco and the Director

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Museum visitors also have the chance to relive an civil rights age sit-in at a lunch counter and experience an array of changing and traveling exhibits that poignantly educate while being entertaining and interactive.  This tradition, that is the only museum in the nation to focus on the New South, shouldn’t be missed.    

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

7th Street Public Market

The U.S. National Whitewater Center is the world’s premier center for more than 30 outside activities, such as stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, zip lining, mountain biking, kayaking, flatwater kayaking, and a number of the best whitewater rafting in the eastern United States. The Whitewater Race Series of the Center encourages athletes to compete at different sports such as triathlons, kayaking and mountain biking, trail running, and ultra-marathons through the year.

Alexander Michaels

Good Foods Montford

Along with its adventure-themed activities, the U.S. National Whitewater Center offers skill development applications like technical instruction and certification and summer camps for children and teens. The Center live songs and even hosts outside festivals, including the River Jam concert series, which takes place three times per week.  

Zada Jane’s Corner Café

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte’s Rail Route at the South End area is a Lively public Road that winds through the very heart of the city and connects the Sedgefield, Southside Park, Brookhill, Dilworth, Wilmore, South End, and Metropolitan communities.

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Price’s Chicken Coop

Midwood Smokehouse

Exploring the Rail Trail is one of the most effective ways to get a feel for that which Charlotte is all about. Along the road, cafés, bars, art galleries, museums concerts can be found by you, and even take a seat on a bench to people watch and take a break from the bustle around you. There are plans in motion to turn it into a community of unique distances, public art, gardens, and much more, and also to keep on improving the Charlotte Rail Route.   

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Dot Dot Dot

The NASCAR Hall of Fame, located in Uptown Charlotte, was constructed between 2007 and 2010, also officially opened on May 11, 2010, to honor the history and legacy of NASCAR, such as motorists that have shown exceptional ability at NASCAR driving, all time amazing crew chiefs and owners, broadcasters and other big contributors to the world of NASCAR.

Mert’s Heart and Soul

NoDa Brewing Co..

The high-tech hallway, that hosts events for racing and non-racing buffs yearlong, comprises about 40,000 square feet of exhibit space, which includes artifacts, hands-on exhibitsplus a 278-seat advanced theater, Hall of Honor, Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, Gear Shop, and a broadcast studio. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a portion of a complex that also contains the 393,000-square-foot NASCAR Plaza Office Tower, the 40,000-square-foot Crown Ballroom, and the NASCAR Hall.  

Divine Barrel Brewing

Food civilization is king at the Queen City, where different types of cuisine, such as traditional Southern, very low nation, Gullah, and Texas- and even Carolina-style barbecue are on full screen. Charlotte is not the place to visit if you so be ready to pack on a few pounds as you enjoy the food stylings of those favorites.   

Heist Brewery

Along the 3100 block of north Davidson Street from the NoDa arts district, you’ll find Haberdish, a Southern kitchen and craft cocktail pub that slips deep to Charlotte’s ago by serving Southern cuisine motivated by North Charlotte’s old mill town, which slowly sank into disuse from the 1950s and’60s until it was reinvented and revitalized from the 1980s as the modern day arts district.

Free Range Brewing

Sycamore Brewing

Haberdish offers a distinctly modern twist on old Southern favorites, even while still staying true to the ingredients and cooking techniques that made the first dishes so cherished in the first location.

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Cosmetic Robot Brewery

It may share its name with a popular song from the television series”Friends,” but the interior of Smelly Cat Coffee, located in North Charlotte’s NoDa arts district, is far more rustic than that of television’s most famous literary coffee house, Central Perk. One thing that has remained the same is its attention on its own regional base of support, Although lots of people have had a hand since its inception in 1999.

Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery

Shelton Vineyards

This approachable, welcoming coffeehouse roasts their particular sourced coffee, crafts in-season, single origin & combination coffees, also has Nitrogenated Cold Brew Coffee online tap. 

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Another favorite haunt of sailors from the NoDa arts district is Amélie’s Bakery and Café, located at 2424 North Davidson Street, that serves tasty sandwiches, pastries, soups, yogurt, and coffee in a whimsical dining space.

Amélie’s strangely, yet nicely, marries French-inspired decor with Bohemian stylish, and includes an eclectic assortment of mismatched furniture and offbeat chandeliers. When several of the desserts of the bakery were showcased at the first Hunger Games movie perhaps claim to fame came in 2012.  

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

In 100 W. Trade Street, you’ll find Coco and the Manager, a coffee shop that is as eccentric as it’s innovative. This unconventional accession to Charlotte’s coffee scene, which is the first separate coffee house at Marriott’s re-branding series, is unique in that, even though it serves coffee, pastries, an assortment of different types of water, prints, and greeting cards, and it also acts as a space that knowingly promotes connect, community, and collaboration.

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Coco and also the Director proves to be a meeting spot for local practitioners and professionals that wish to fulfill at a setting, which includes arena seating that’s highlighted by cushions.  Some of Coco’s other identifying features include its own collaborative assembly space, which is available to every one of the coffee store’s patrons; three co-lab spaces that are first-come, first-serve; and board games and thoughtfully curated bundles of upward cycled magazines themed around everything from architecture into cooking.  

The assignment of the 7th Street Public Market is easy: emphasize and celebrate the food culture of North and South Carolina while encouraging local and regional farmers, food artisans, and entrepreneurs.

This bustling urban food destination in the heart of Charlotte’s Center City supplies the local community using fresh, high-quality, and very reasonably priced food such as fresh produce, meat, fish, cheeses, wines, coffee, locally produced pizzas, and much more, directly from regional purveyors and local farms, seven days per week. It is one!

In a classic building from the Fourth Ward neighborhood that once put a grocery store that goes back into the late 1800s, you are going to locate Alexander Michael’s, a homey, comfortable, family-owned restaurant and tavern that sailors call”Al Mike’s.”

Al Mike’s commitment to using only the very finest ingredients is evident from their menu, including mouthwatering dishes such as their house made quinoa burger patties and also their famous spicy crab soup. Besides their delicious food, Al Mike’s also offers a choice of craft, imported, and national beers, a complete bar, and a wine selection that is modest.

The slogan of Great Food on Montford,”Taste without boundaries,” couldn’t be more apt for this small, inviting tapas-style restaurant in the core of Montford Drive at the Montford neighborhood. Chef Bruce Moffett’s brainchild, Good Food comes with seasonally-driven menu that evolves and uses organic products and local, a small plate.

Good Meals on Montford’s exposed bricks, timber ceiling beams, and also amazing light fixtures create a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for any dining experience, also as a James Beard semi-finalist for the best New Restaurant, there’s a thing on the menu for everybody.

In the core of Plaza Midwood is a bright, turquoise-colored building that houses Zada Jane’s Corner Café, an eclectic dining spot whose interior is just as brilliant as its outside. Hand-painted art pieces by local artists and its colorful walls perfectly the restaurant’s unique takes on soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Among the Charlotte region’s go-to cafés, Zada Jane’s forte is the breakfast menu, including sandwiches, French toast, and omelettes, and can be served all day. In addition to offering savory Southern soul-food and various seasonal menu additions throughout the year, it’s clear that Zada Jane’s is very serious when it comes to their purpose: that no one leaves hungry or thirsty.  

A longtime Charlotte institution since it opened along Camden Road from the South End neighborhood in 1962, Price’s Chicken Coop has Not changed much on the outside or the inside at that time.

This takeout area has no client seats, is cash-only, and does not deliver, and nonetheless, it receives a steady flow of customers through the day.

Cost Chicken Coop’s loyal clients from around the Charlotte area do not come for frills; they come for a cardboard box of food, such as arguably the town’s finest fried chicken, fries, hush puppies, livers, gizzards, cole slaw, and potato salad, all of which will be reminiscent of the dishes lovingly cooked by a Southern grandmother.

Midwood Smokehouse Barbecue, Located at the Park Road Shopping Center on Brandywine Road, is strongly rooted at the barbecue traditions of North and South Carolina and Texas. 

In Midwood, other grilled meats, beef brisket and whole hog are dry rubbed and slow cooked on North Carolina hickory timber. 

The mouthwatering items on Midwood’s menu contains a quesadilla filled with the choice of smoked brisket, pork, or chicken combined with caramelized onions and poblano peppers; pimento cheese fries topped with either chopped pork or beef brisket; a chuck and brisket burger called The Roadhouse; also hickory-smoked pulled chicken dressed at a South Carolina skillet. The food at Midwood is top notch, as well as the cooks created a dazzling flavor sensation I won’t soon forget.

To get a more distinctive culinary-driven bar experience, look no farther than Dot Dot Dot, a members-only, first-come first-served speakeasy that offers classic cocktails, an extensive whisky collection, also fresh, delicious cuisine whose ingredients come directly from local farmers and purveyors. Dot Dot Dot comes with a strict dress code of business or smart casual, also has limited seats, so arrive first, be patient, and remember to stick to along with the institution’s rules.

Dot Dot Dot’s award-winning mixologist, Stefan Huebner, is a 25 year veteran of the hospitality industry and has also worked at nearby plantations such as Cosmos Cafe and Heist Brewery. He began his trip at the age of 16 and worked as a baker and butcher prior to making a degree and running his kitchen as chef.  His years of experience can be seen in Dot Dot Dot’s delightful menu, which includes items like Ahi tuna poke, Prince Edward Island mussels, American beef tartare, vegetable tempura octopus that was Spanish, and ricotta gnudi.  

Among Charlotte’s best dining destinations is a colorful restaurant called Mert’s Heart and Soul, that specializes in soul foods, low-country cuisine, and Gullah-inspired dishes, which is conducted by the husband-and-wife team of James and Renee Bazzelle. The restaurant opened in 1998, and has since become one of Charlotte’s most popular restaurants and has received acclaim from food reviewers, visitors, as well as the popular Food Network series”Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Mert’s Heart and Soul’s signature dish is the unconventional Soul Roll, an egg roll wrap stuffed with collard greens cooked with adobo, black-eyed beans, seasoned rice, and diced fried chicken.  But the restaurant is also well-known for its delicious shrimp & grits, Charleston rice, also its own award-winning macaroni and cheese.  

Beer and wine tradition in the vicinity of Charlotte are almost as hot and prominent as its own food culture, and that’s saying a good deal. With two dozen nearby breweries, and dozens of wineries from the metro area and the neighboring Yadkin Valley, the Charlotte area is a sanctuary for traveling and local beer and wine connoisseurs, as well as also the breweries and wineries listed below are a number of the region’s absolute finest. Of the 25 things that these were a few of the best!

Boasting a knowledgeable team, favorite live audio events, and forty beers on tap, so it is no surprise that NoDa Brewing Company, that can be seen at the arts district of the same title, is famous among Charlotte’s best. This barroom, that overlooks an area brewery that offers tours, is famous because of tentative employees its atmosphere, and quality support.

The brewing business hosts fun and diverse events several times per week, that run the gamut from their new Dog Walking app, BYOD; a conduct team that takes participants throughout the NoDa area; as well as Harry Potter sleepless nights. NoDa Brewing Company can also be noted for its commitment to the city of its own people and Charlotte by employing almost 50 local inhabitants, musicians when possible and hiring neighborhood companies, and supporting more than a hundred charities.

In Divine Barrel Brewing, one of the NoDa arts district’s favorite breweries, you’ll truly feel the team’s passions for neighborhood; sharing and making quality, unique beers; and sour and wild beers. You will find ten beers in Divine Barrel area, all with titles unique and eye-opening because their tastes. When you’ve taken a couple sips of some Playing in Traffic or appreciated a cold, refreshing Willie the Pimp, you’ll be sure there is a small bit of everything, and a beer for everybody, at Divine Barrel Brewing.

Behind the scenes, Divine Barrel’s focus lies in developing and building their barrel and foeder program, which enables the staff to share their excitement for timber fermented and wood-aged beers with Charlotteans and people from around the planet.

One of NoDa’s favorite breweries, Heist Brewery focuses on small pile beer for example traditional IPA’s and Double IPA’s, Belgian Table Beers, Porters, Saisons, along with Imperial Stouts. The brewery also boasts an Craft Cocktail app for those who favor the art of mixology, and over 100 whiskeys.

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Heist’s tapas-style shared plate menu showcases wood-fired specialties (such as chicharrones, barbecued jackfruit tacos, quesadillas, parmesan truffle fries, and an array of drops and flatbread sandwiches)  with the goal of increasing the bar of bar food into another level. The brewery’s chefs produce to ensure freshness and maximum quality from the foods that they serve for their guests and receive their meat.

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

NoDa’s Free Range Brewing is Your Lifetime’s work of brothers Jeff and Jason Alexander.

The value of community and family into the Alexander brothers is showcased inside their space’s capability to accommodate an assortment of gatherings and events, and its openness to welcoming families and guests with small children; there’s even a small play area for them to have fun while their loved ones enjoy on-tap beers with names such as Holy Cucumbers, Batman! ; Bob’s Pure Intentions; Jenny The Field On Fire; and Barracuda Bill’s.

Taps at Free Range Brewing are always rotating with fresh items for patrons to try, and there are always new items for visitors to experience. When jamming out into the live musicians Complimentary Range hosts by using their friends on certain days, you can even enjoy your favorite beer.

After spending the last ten years perfecting their beer bites, the husband-and-wife duo of Justin and Sarah Brigham put outside to brew beers that bring people together. When they opened the Sycamore Brewing, that has utilized the freshest ingredients imaginable to brew organic craft beer since its establishment at 2013 their dream was realized.   

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

At this 15-barrel brewery you’ll find classic styles, seasonals, creative experimental recipes, wine, and cider on tap. When you visit Sycamore Brewing, then You Must try their Southern Girl Lager, that won a bronze medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, and the brewery itself was named North Carolina Ale Brewery of the Year by the New York International Beer Competition.

In the South End neighborhood you’ll find Wooden Robot Brewery, that was established by childhood friends Dan Wade and Josh Patton. After getting his MSC in Brewing and Distilling and travel around Europe, president Dan and head brewer brought his passion for Belgian farmhouse beers into Wooden Robot.   

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

The brewery offers seventeen delicious beers with creative names such as Good Morning Vietnam, What He’s Having, What She’s Having, also I Funks Wit It, and their enthusiastic and knowledgeable”beertenders” carry a cicerone certification to make certain that they share the brewery’s founder’s commitment to preservation and invention. 

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery Stays on a 102 acre Property in a picturesque area of the North Carolina countryside known as the Yadkin Valley American Viticultural Area, Together with the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains serving as a Background.

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

Besides offering group tastings of the award-winning wines and walking tours of the wineries, Raffaldini sometimes hosts neighborhood food trucks and pizza ovens, also supplies a choice of imported and local Italian foods that are hand-selected to balance perfectly with their wines.

Six unique types of grapes are grown in their vineyard, and the vineyard’s place close to the Yadkin River and Blue Ridge Mountains, altitude of 1200 feet, and also unique soil conditions provide the grapes a particular terroir and helps build their acidity and sophistication. Raffaldini has also created a formal Certified Wildlife Habitat that is home to butterflies, birds, plants, and other wildlife and can be now considered by the National Wildlife Federation.  

Shelton Vineyards, also located in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley, Has Been Set up by brothers Charlie and Ed Shelton in 1999, Also is one of the largest vineyards in the West coast of the USA.

The brothers pictured the wineries as a fresh agricultural resource. Growing season and the region’s climate is comparable to that of some of the most effective wine-growing areas in Europe. Rights forms of vitis vinifera grapes grown at Shelton use marijuana wood of European origin grafted onto Native American rootstocks to create blossoms that are more resistant to infection.

Shelton Vineyards utilizes a mixture of French, American and Hungarian oak barrels to provide give flavor and structure to the wine. Shelton’s three barrel spots are temperature if needed, and the temperature in each area can be adjusted individually. Shelton Vineyards generates over 2000 cases daily, or 52 bottles per second, and therefore are released for sale after a period of bottle.

I was fortunate enough to spend four amazing days exploring Charlotte, North Carolina. It was my first time there and it took me a matter of hours to fall in love with the city food landscape, beer culture and its own wine, and of course, its friendly, lovely men and women. Charlotte may not yet function as tourist mecca that other, bigger cities around the USA are, but using its tasteful elegance, broad variety of activities for visitors of all ages, and its own heartwarming charm, I have no doubt it will soon be regarded as a must-visit destination that everybody should experience at least once.

Thank you, Queen City, for curing me with this much love and kindness. I can’t wait to return! If you enjoyed this shirt 25 things to do in Charlotte post please leave us a comment below! 

Things to Do in Charlotte, North Carolina

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