Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

In this Variant of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we speak with Adaleta Avdi?

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

, the Bosnia-born traveling and lifestyle blogger supporting adaatude! We chat with her what made her fall in love with traveling, the one thing she believes all travelers should know, her things to do within her travel destination, and a lot more. Figure out where her favorite restaurant in the world is and determine where she’s headed!

How did your passion for traveling begin?

I’ve always loved being on the street and researching new destinations but my exploration began when I started working at my old company job in the tourism market. I had been an Account Manager and that I had to pay a stop by to all of my customers who had been all over the world. This is how I learned to package one carry-on for 3 months of traveling in Europe. Maybe not my first time around the block!

Just how many days/weeks are you currently traveling in any given calendar year? What are the kinds of places you like to go to?

You were born in Bosnia and telephone Tucson, Arizona. What makes Arizona in general, and Tucson, such travel destinations?

About two times each month travel for 3-4 days for each trip. Therefore, I’m out of town approximately 8-10 days per month but that is not a solidified program. That is simply what the average seems to be the last few months!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

You worked in the tourism sector. What’s something that you learned which you feel travellers should know?

People ask me that all the time because they think I am”so Los Angeles or New York City” which may be true, but that I still love the serene and much more relaxed nature of Tucson. Because it is a great place to call home while I can travel the globe and get this hustle and bustle around the world, I genuinely crave the relaxed nature of Tucson. The weather is wonderful and dry heat is a boon, and it never gets quite cold. It is the perfect climate year round since I’m not a cold weather kind of girl.

You are an effective blogger and also an accomplished social networking influencer with followers. What advice or suggestions would you give?

What do you want audiences to get and learn from your job?

The biggest thing which everyone should understand is that every destination deserves travelers shouldn’t frighten. One of my pet peeves is when people believe it is dangerous to travel. So many individuals told me I am crazy to go to Mexico, and I believe that details and have direct me. I might go to Detroit and be in danger within my nation, than if I go to Mexico. The significant thing about traveling is being conscious of your surroundings. Every destination, no matter how good it is, can be the most dangerous in case you are not being waiver of your surroundings.

What are the top 3 destinations you’ve seen?

The biggest piece of advice today for people wanting to get to this space, is BE YOURSELF. Don’t come in the space copying your influencer or somebody who has inspired you to get started. People are able to place lack of creativity from a distance off, and it is ideal to be yourself and be your own self. People fall in love with creativity.

Give us your’Top 5′ record for a few of your top 3 destinations. Just like a mini-guide or a to-do list of sorts. It can be anything from your favorite hotel, best spot to have lunch, best holiday, etc..

How many nations have you seen up to now?

The concept I want my audience is that I am honest, if I like a product it is because it is loved by me and I will not have a brand purchase an opinion. Because I’m always honest, and that I tell my facts via Instagram stories (on the regular) I really believe my audience understands I’m not telling lies like a great deal of influencers do on the regular. Getting real is so significant, and my audience understands I will tell them my honest and actual thoughts about a certain item, experience, procedure, etc.. Always honest here, also I am prepared to listen to the ins and outs of the other side which makes me much more approachable and willing to learn long term if my view is not accurate or ignorant.

What are your top 3 favorite cuisines?

Norway is really special for me (it is where I got engaged) but we loved each and every city. Oslo and the neighboring islands are amazing, but that I loved visiting Tromso and Bergen. It had been the destination that really blew me out and surpassed all and any anticipation that I had of a place.

What’s your favorite restaurant on the planet? What dish do you advocate?

Portugal was still another distinctive nation because Lisbon and Sintra were incredibly beautiful. Lisbon 3 decades ago wasn’t quite so popular and it wasn’t teeming with tourism, so we got to enjoy also the people, the restaurants, and also the city. When we went on Sintra, we fell in love with the town (suddenly ) and it had been such a gorgeous beach destination with all the best cappuccinos.

What’s your favorite airport?

Boston, Massachusetts and New York City also make my top 3 destinations listing (I know I’m cheating here) but that I can’t pick one over the other because I love these two cities for very different motives. Boston is such a city, with astonishing sites and people who are just beyond unbelievable. There charm throughout the city such as the beautiful Harvard campus. And of course a number of the restaurants with world acclaimed chefs. I do not even know where to get started, when it comes to New York City. All I can say is that the town is magical, and there’s no town which gets me more motivated and inspired than New York City. The plethora of options, the hustle, the grind, and the power is excellent for a creator.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

Who is your traveling companion?

What’s the ideal way to kill time?

Since the nation means to I. and my fiancé my Top 5 List might need to be for Norway

What’s the most exotic place you have been taken by your livelihood?

If visiting with the Oslo region, I’d highly recommend spending a day exploring the various islands beyond Oslo. There’s a ferry which makes visiting each island super accessible and easy. A great deal of individuals who work in Oslo reside on the islands which is a lifestyle in my view, although Every island has its own charm.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

What’s your piece of traveling tips for somebody who would like to, or is going to, embark on a lifetime of traveling?

I’d recommend looking for the Norwegian beers, and Norwegian berry milk (not produced from grapes) which is so intriguing and naturally different from what we’ve seen here at the US.

What are 4 things that you might never travel without?

Eat all the fish as you won’t ever get anything fresher, no matter how far you travel. This goes for tap water. I am such a water snob as well as the water I had was tap water from Norfjell.

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

Have a cruise and make sure to go dog-sleeding as soon as you get to northern Norway. Last, if you are there during the time of year, make certain you attempt to find the Northern Lights. It is an experience you will never forget, especially if you’re dogsledding and watch the lights above.

What’s your traveling quote?

I traveled to approximately 10 countries up to now. There’s so many more to go!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

Where are you headed?


Since I reside in Tucson (and we’ve got the best Mexican food in the US) I adore Mexican food. Bosnian foods is, obviously, a favorite, but I love Japanese food provided ramen has my heart.

My favorite restaurant on the planet is Chef Alisah’s here in Tucson. It is a Bosnian kitchen which makes the best cevape and baklava (really makes everybody’s mouth water because of how delicious what is) and that I can’t recommend it enough.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

My global airport is Oslo. The airport is so clean you could literally eat off the floor. And of course the placement of machines, and also that the airport is so arranged, restaurants and stores all makes sense.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

Mr. adaatude, aka my fiancé. I love traveling the world with him, and this is.

I love listening to audiobooks, or reading a new novel (depending on availability) because I do like reading. Another thing is currently beginning writing about what I’m feeling, what I’m doing and what I’m eating or thinking. This helps the article is written by me for the destination in a shorter time period.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

Norway was and is the place I’ve traveled to so far, and it blew me away because I never thought I’d enjoy a chilly destination. I like the cold far more than I ever thought I would, but that is the most exotic and coolest place I’ve ever been. I genuinely feel every person should have the chance to travel to Norway, at least!

Make what you really need and intend to utilize. A great deal of individuals pack 3 outfits because the majority of us do not spend sufficient time in our rooms to be able to go back 3 times to make those outfit changes each day, which is not realistic. If you bring 5 outfits that were great, you are going to be all set especially if you re-wear a few pieces with bits. This makes for outfits in general.

Makeup eliminating multiple chargers that are mobile, an moisturizer, sunscreen and wipes my convertors fail.

I love to find my favorite 10 bikinis and struck the Maldives and also a town in Greece, although I’d like to go to Tokyo and eat my weight in ramen.

“I really don’t understand where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Adaleta Avdi? of adaatude

My next trip Goes Right Back into my hometown of Los Angeles, and then I’ll be near the Hamptons and New York City.

Adaleta Avdi? 

Was born in Bosnia and arrived to the United States. Having escaped a lifetime of hardship and war, her and her family arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in which they had been a part of a refugee rescue, shot in by a priest and his loved ones. The help from the church allowed Avdi? ‘s family to start a new life and afforded her daddy the chance to become a professional pilot. As his career progressed, it would take Avdi? ‘s family to Los Angeles.


Has been working since she was 16 and went on to graduate from the University of Arizona, with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Business Writing. Taking that writing diploma Avdi, to some other level?  Established her blog adaatude.com in 2013 as a member of a senior course college project. Fast forward to current day, after years of devoted posts, she talks to 85K readers with 47K page views. Now known as @adaatude on social networking, she is sought after by brands for their brand ambassadors. More than 600,000 followers afterwards, Adaleta Avdi?  Is an Social Media Influencer and writer that is well-known who covers various topics such as beauty.

Beyond the blog and media, Avdi? Keeps a YouTube channel with over 10K followers who participate.  She is constantly on the hunt for the best color of lipstick, the very greatest clothing and a delicious meal when traveling and exploring the world. She really was employed as a specialist in the tourism sector for 7 years before getting a full-time writer, so traveling is second nature to her. She got participated in Norway! Avdi?  Has since settled down in Tucson, Arizona and will probably be a new homeowner. Of all her passions, she enjoys engaging in local events and community gatherings, also is most passionate about donating to local charities like Casa de los Niños, and giving.

Make sure to watch her latest guide about YouTube, or read about the best merchandise finds from all over the world on adaatude.com. Follow @adaatude on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram from Adaleta Avdi?! for your everyday dose and perspective