VIDEO: The Very Best Hostels in Sofia, Bulgaria

He is taken by david Here’s epic road trip through Bulgaria into the funding, where David investigate the sights in Sofia. Known for its history, thriving nightlife, and restaurant scene, Sofia is essential for any traveler headed into the the or Bulgaria Balkans. In this event David showcases the greatest sights in Sofia, exploring the remains of this Roman city of Serdica.

Having a history spanning thousands of years, it no longer wonder there has been discovered in Sofia. First stop showcased here is at the famous Neo-Byzantine Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It is one of the Eastern Orthodox Churches in the world!  Because you may see, the interior walls are beautifully painted with saints and religious scenes. From the outside the ranch stands out in the rest of the skyline with its trademark gold-plated dome.

Next stop on the tour requires David underground to observe the remains of this fortress of Serdika. The eastern gate of the fortress is observable in the underpass between the Presidency and the Council of Ministers at Sofia. The remains discovered here were concealed from the late 1990s and preserved for everyone to see.

Housed in what formally was the largest Ottoman Mosque at Sofia is the National Archaeological Museum, a gorgeous open area of artifacts spanning millennia (Early, Mid and Late Paleolithic group, Neolithic group, Chalcolithic group, along with Bronze Age). There are also collections into the late Middle Ages. The many item, the Thracian burial mask that is golden of the museum, is on display.

No trip to Sofia is complete without a wander across the pedestrian-friendly Vitosha Boulevard. Named after a mountain, Vitosha Boulevard is a shopper’s heaven, with dozens of stalls and labels on the way.  Vitosha Boulevard is the main street in the city. It is full of people day and night, which makes it a popular location for tourists to stay. Le Fleurs, david’s resort, is a boutique hotel with a location that is central.

VIDEO: The Very Best Hostels in Sofia, Bulgaria

David makes a stop to observe the remains of this ancient Serdica Amphitheatre, or even Arena di Serdica. What’s left has been preserved and can be free to see. Even the Serdica Amphitheatre is located in the basement level of the Arena di Serdica Hotel. You will notice paw prints in ceramic stone created over 7 centuries if you pay attention!

Following the Amphitheatre, David is Away to see the St. George Church Rotunda (“Sveti George”).

Founded in a courtyard between the Sheraton Hotel and the Presidency, St. George Church is believed to be the oldest monument in the city, dating back to the start of the 4th century A.D. For a small entrance fee visitors can enter to observe that the multi-layered murals on the church walls. About the St. George Church there are pieces of buildings in ancient Serdica.

Last but not least David makes it into St. Sofia Church (“Sveta Sofia”). Built from the 6th century A.D. that the St. Sofia Church is the second oldest church in Sofia. From the outside it might not look like much, but David have the opportunity to head underneath the church to take a look at the preserved Roman necropolis.

This museum holds several of the most critical archaeological finds in the Balkans.  The museum comprises remains of mosaics, over 50 tombs and artefacts dating back to Byzantine and Roman times that may be understood on several levels that are underground.

VIDEO: The Very Best Hostels in Sofia, Bulgaria

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