Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post

Approximately two months ago I ran into Mindful Wanderlust on Facebook, and after reading some of Giselle and Cody’s articles I became interested. We exchanged a few emails and I heard about their forthcoming excursion to four countries I have never been to- Egypt, India, Nepal & Vietnam. Since Egypt has been admired among the world’s best attractions, I believed that Mindful Wanderlust’s input on Egypt’s safety would be invaluable advice for any world traveller since they seen.

Here is their post and I do hope you enjoy:

If you Are Somebody Who has ever thought”I’d love to Visit Egypt”, Or”Egypt is my Fantasy vacation”

Ask yourself: What is stopping you? Visiting Egypt on your lifetime is an absolute objective that is attainable.

Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post

Believe everything we hear and see from North America or on the information and we have a tendency to get stuck inside our own little bubbles.

In addition, I feel that people dread since it’s mainly a Muslim country travelling to Egypt, and one of the first things that enters people heads is terrorism.

Open your mind.

Egypt, such as the millions of Muslims across the world’s people want what most of the worlds population want. To reside in peace. To put on their own tables for their households.

To reside in freedom. Most everything that is fed to us is a portrayal of a small number of people. As soon as we entered the airport, we began receiving welcomes.

“Welcome to Egypt””You are most welcome” And my personal favorite,”Welcome home.

The people of Egypt are fighting. Yes there is political unrest, however we feel it is quite much included in 1 place, and very under control. Any violence that’s been documented has had nothing to do with travelers. The footage that you see on the information is replayed, over and over again, which makes it look like there is turmoil and a great deal more violence then there is here.

Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post

These folks are fighting for freedom. We have had the joy to speak with some locals regarding their battle, and we are happy to support it.

Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post

This is Cody’s 2nd time in Egypt, and my 3rd.

We will definitely, without a doubt, be back.

If you would like an experience you will never forget, let go of fear, and also research.

From amazing ancient structuresinto a feluca ride around the river nileinto a traditional Bedouin coffee service, to Egyptian men attempting to tempt you into their stores, with clever questions such as:”How can I take your cash now?” Or”I don’t understand what you need, but I understand I have it”

In all honesty, it could be overwhelming at times. There’s some hassle, and if you’re a woman, you will receive cat stared and called at, however goes a long way. In Egypt, the positive greatly outweighs the negative. We had been invited into a store that was gorgeous to sit, chat, and have tea with no word about buying something. We heard that the person who owns the store has a crocodile. We didn’t eat anywhere else our 3 times in Aswan, known as Panorama, and turned into a restaurant and tradition across the Nile. Our server was a man, from Hossam’s name, throughout age 75, with a dry sense of humour.

He gave us his Facebook on our last visit.

Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post

We met with a man. We declined his offer, and for whatever reason, quickly changed our minds. We probably made and bought a pack of postcards. We likely made his month and phoned him back. This man gave us no hassle when we showed no interest in what he was selling.

When we decided to call him back, he was so real, and elated. We ended up how it is actually secure here, walking , and talking for some time about the condition of Egypt, and also taking photographs with him. He was so full of joy that he managed to speak with people that lived out of Egypt.

We might have many differences that we all tend to concentrate on, but something we all have in common is that the requirement for connection with one another.

We will never be, separated by faith, sex, race, age .

Waving smiling at the muslim woman on the boat, sitting with bedouin children that are so excited to find.

All of these passing moments are so important at least to us.

So please don’t let fear hold you back from doing what you need to do.

You are going to grow from each experience, although you might feel uncomfortable for a time that is little.

Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post


Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post


Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post

By Giselle and Cody from

Do Not Believe The Hype Around Egypt Guest Post